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About Us

At Sylvan Learning our tutors use an interactive personal approach to learning! We help students feel confident in their learning and turn B’s into A’s! We strongly believe education is not a “one size fits all”. We personalize learning to your child’s strengths and needs. At Sylvan we cater your child’s program for exactly where they are…

Why Choose Us?

Help your child build concrete skills with what they need immediately to keep them up to speed with their school work. Alongside keeping up and catching up an academic coach will work on strategies to help your child succeed. Our coaches will go over important study skills to help children understand how to develop an…

Academic Coaching

When you choose Sylvan you are looking to get results and set up your child for success! We focus on sparking intellectual curiosity, a love for learning and educational confidence! Choosing Sylvan means: -Getting a personalized learning plan-Confident Smiles-Flexible scheduling and affordable rates-Mastery of skills and measurable growth